Practical Finite Element Analysis
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and outdated methods

Because learning FEA is a lot more than just learning a software

Because learning FEA is a lot more than just learning a software

It is also about learning the good modeling practices and methods
Learn FEA

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Learning Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can significantly enhance an engineer's capabilities. FEA enables engineers to move beyond traditional conservative assumptions and inaccurate hand calculations when dealing with complex problems. By utilizing simulations, engineers can accurately capture real failure modes and assess the critical components of a design across various configurations.

Possessing a deep understanding of FEA makes an engineer far more versatile compared to those who lack such knowledge. Given that the modeling techniques applied in FEA are universal, acquiring proficiency in FEA allows engineers to work across various industries and tackle diverse projects globally.

At FEA Academy, we offer a range of online courses designed to equip both beginners and experienced engineers with the skills necessary to master FEA. These courses are structured to provide practical, in-depth knowledge of FEA in structural analysis, enhancing your engineering skill set and broadening your professional opportunities.

As a valuable supplement to our courses, the book "Practical Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical Engineers", authored by Dominique Madier, founder and director of FEA Academy, provides detailed insights and practical examples that reinforce the curriculum. This resource is designed to deepen your understanding and application of FEA, making it an excellent companion to our comprehensive training programs.
From July 1st to September 15th, 2024

Enjoy unlimited access to our virtual classrooms and master the intricacies of FEA.


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Practical Basic FEA

Practical Basic FEA
Practical Basic FEA
Basic FEM Theory and Universal Modeling Techniques
Linear Static - Linear Buckling - Modal Analysis
17 Lectures - 14 FEA Workflows - 20 hours
Unlimited access.

Practical Nonlinear FEA

Practical Nonlinear FEA
Practical Nonlinear FEA
Modeling Techniques for Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Geometric, Material & Boundary Nonlinearities
15 Lectures - 17 FEA Workflows - 12 hours
Unlimited access.

Bundled Course

Practical Nonlinear FEA
Bundled Course:
Basic + Nonlinear FEA

Take Advantage of the Best Practical FEA Online Course

The First Course of its Kind for FEA

Learn the Right FEA Modeling Techniques with Specialists
32 Lectures - 31 FEA Workflows - 32 Hours


The FEA Academy book "Practical Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical Engineers" offers the best practical methods and guidelines for the development and validation of finite element models. Its objective is to give mechanical structural engineers the keys to developing accurate and reliable finite element models by avoiding the most frequent errors.


"Harness the Power of Finite Element Analysis" is a book designed for technical managers tasked with the crucial role of leading engineering teams using FEA intensively. 

The book is currently in the advanced review phase. We are entering the final phase of editing this summer, with an official release planned for Fall 2024, around October.


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