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FEA Academy presents its series of free webinars. They will be available at all times, usually a few days after the live sessions. Subscribe to the Newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay tuned about the next webinar.
Dominique Madier

Dominique Madier

Dominique Madier is a senior aerospace consultant with 20+ years’ experience and advanced expertise in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of static and dynamic problems for linear and nonlinear structural behaviors.

He has conducted detailed finite element analyses for aerospace companies in Europe and in North America (e.g., Airbus, Dassault Aviation, Hispano-Suiza [now Safran], Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, Bombardier Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney Canada, and their subcontractors) on metallic and composite structures such as fuselages, wings, nacelles, engine pylons, helicopter airframes, and systems.

He earned a Master’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, France.

What is Modal Analysis?

What is Modal Analysis?

Dominique Madier covers the following topics about Modal Analysis:

☛ Introduction to Modal Analysis
☛ The Eigen Equation
☛ Numerical Methods for Solving the Eigen Equation
☛ What a Mode is and What a Mode is Not
☛ How are Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes Influenced?
☛ Why Compute a Modal Analysis?

Development of Reliable Models for the Prediction of Vibrations Levels

Guy Gendron presents his main topics of interest:

☛ Measurements
☛ Types of Analysis
☛ Results Interpretation
☛ Possible Solutions to Vibration Problems


Want to know more about the FEA Learning Process and How to Build a Career in FEA? What better way than to ask the questions to those who have done it before you.

Session #1 Replay: The FEA Learning Process

Tony Abbey FRAeS from FETraining
Lukasz Skotny from Enterfea.com
James Pura from MSC Software
Dominique Madier from FEA Academy

Session #2 Replay: How to Build a Career in FEA?

Tony Abbey FRAeS from FETraining
Steffan Evans from Evotech Computer-Aided Engineering Ltd
Dominique Madier from FEA Academy

ON-DEMAND LECTURE: Tell me More About Finite Element Analysis

Who Should Watch?
Students and engineers who want to start with the FEA Learning Process.

Part 1 - What is Finite Element Analysis?
☛ Methods for Solving an Engineering Problem
☛ The Different Numerical Methods
☛ Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
☛ So, What is FEA?

Part 2 - Working with FEA in Solid Mechanics and Structural Analysis
☛ How FEA Can Help You?
☛ The FEA Process
☛ The Capabilities of the FEA Software
☛ How Accurate is FEA?
☛ Why Do FEA?
☛ What is Needed to Perform an FEA Simulation?

Part 3 - How to Learn FEA
☛ The Three Stages of the FEA Learning Process
☛ The Main Rule of FEA Learning
☛ What is the Main Danger of FEA
☛ What Do You Need to Learn in the FEA Field?
☛ My 10 Guidelines for FEA Learning
☛ The Five Advantages of Learning FEA

Q&A Session
I answered questions during the live session. You can join me to ask more questions about the topics covered by this lecture.
An Exclusive FEA Academy Lecture
2 hours lecture
(Including Q&A session)


I collected the 50 most frequently asked questions during an FEA interview and I am going to give you my 50 best answers that the interviewers wish to hear.
A PDF file containing the 50 Questions with Answers is available to download for free. This PDF will permit you to prepare the interview by reviewing the 50 Questions & Answers.

Q&A Open Session
for Structural Analysis

This webinar series has been in 3 sessions covering the following topics:

Q&A Session #1: 5th April 2021
☛ Learning FEA
☛ Basic FEA Theory
☛ Library of Elements
☛ Meshing
☛ Loads & Boundary Conditions

Q&A Session #2: 23rd April 2021
☛ Rigid Body Elements & MPC
☛ Modeling Bolted Joints
☛ Modeling Contacts
☛ Submodeling
☛ Verifying and Validating your FEA

Q&A Session #3: 7th May 2021
☛ Linear & Nonlinear Static Analysis
☛ Linear & Nonlinear Buckling Analysis
☛ Modal Analysis

For the session #3, I had the great pleasure to receive a special guest: Łukasz Skotny from Enterfea.com. He answered the questions with me.

After each Q&A session, I did a draw among all the attendees to win a hardcopy of my book "Practical Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical Engineers". Congratulations to the three winners: Jeremie Diatta, Asonganyi Ateh Atayo and Bhanutheja Gadamchetty.

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