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From a Manuscript to a Book

All authors dream of being published by a publisher who would finance the production of their book and assure them the best promotion in bookstores. The reality is that it is very difficult for a publisher to determine which manuscripts will be good sellers. Publishers therefore tend to favor authors they already know because they represent a lower risk.

For several years, publishers have been reducing their number of publications because bookshop sales are falling, which makes things even more difficult for new authors. So, the first task of a publisher is to identify manuscripts for publication. On average, the publishers retain less than 1% of the manuscripts they receive. They can receive thousands of manuscripts each year. The selection of manuscripts is therefore a fairly long process: the response time is around 6 months. Some publishers never respond. The editing process is even longer, as it can take 1 to 2 years.

But if an author believes enough in his manuscript, there are now other solutions that can allow him to bring his book to life, like self-publishing. There are many successful examples of authors who have used self-publishing to promote themselves.

Between 2006 and 2012, the number of self-published titles available on the European and American markets tripled according to a study by Bowker. Sales of self-published books have increased by 422% since 2010 according to the same study. Without knowing it, it is very likely that you have already read a self-published book.

So, I decided to self-publish my book in order to retain my copyright as well as the creative control. Therefore, I will have to take in charge the entire publishing fees and hire the various publishing specialists at my own expense (publishing consultant, revision, layout and design, printing, marketing, promotion, web hosting...). You can help me publishing my book by contributing to my fundraising campaign under GoFundMe. Thank you very much.

Here is an exhaustive list of publishing services that will have to be paid by the author:
  • Hire a publishing consultant to access the various publishing professionals.
  • Hire a professional editor to do styling editing, copy editing and proofreading: polishing language, clarifying meaning, consistency of mechanics, spelling and grammar checks, transitions, tone, style ...
  • Hire a professional book designer to design a high-level visual of all the technical and scientific content of the book.
  • Hire a professional printer for digital color printing on high quality paper with professional hardcover binding.
  • Printing of the first copies of the book to do the promotion.
  • Implementation of several POD (Print-on-Demand) platforms to allow the book to be distributed internationally.
  • Create a multi-platform secured eBook version (Windows, Mac, iPad and Android tablets).
  • Advertise in specialized numerical simulation publications.

Any contributor in the amount of $50 and more will be offered a 40% discount on the purchase of the book.

You can read below about the publishing process of a book as well as the differences between a traditional publishing and self-publishing.

Dominique Madier
Author of "Practical Finite Element Analysis for Mechanical Engineers"

What is Publishing a Book?

Writing and publishing a book are two different stages in the process of producing a book. It is a complex undertaking that involves the following steps:


This is the first step during which the author is alone with his project. For this book, it took me three years of my free time. I am very happy with the result and can't wait to share the content of this book with my readers.


Editing is the first stage of any publishing process. A professional editor checks for typographical and spelling mistakes, consistency aspects, correction of grammatical and linguistic errors, and attention to punctuation. Moreover, the editor focuses on the finer aspects of language like the flow of ideas, transition elements, tone, and style. He takes a critical look at the manuscript’s writing flow, language usage and make suggestions that ensure that the ideas are effectively communicated while maintaining the author voice. Usually, the editor work significantly improves the manuscript.


Cover design

The cover is the book’s most important marketing tool. A professionally designed cover will instantly and attractively convey the essence of what the book is about.

Interior layout

A well-formatted and designed book is critical. Even though the author worked hard on his manuscript, it may not get the attention it deserves without professional formatting. So, a professional book designer works with the author input and create a custom layout to match the theme and message of the book.


A high-level professional color digital printing solution will be used for this book.

Self-Publishing VS Traditional Publishing

Self-publishing and traditional publishing require the same steps to publish a book, but differ in regard to:

  • Who covers the up-front costs?
  • Who owns the copyright to the book?
  • Who has creative control of the book?
  • Who decides whether and when the book gets published?
Traditional Publishing
  • The publisher covers the up-front costs
  • The publisher owns the copyright
  • The publisher can change anything he wants without asking to the author (changes to the manuscript, title, cover…)
  • The publishers reject 99% of the manuscripts
  • A publisher will ask for two years to send the sales numbers
  • The publisher does not send any information about the readers to the author

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